GRI BINA was established in 2011 at İstanbul-Turkey, manufacturing premium quality and high-end cooker hoods. This INVESTMENT has been made, by realizing the oppportunity in premium-quality cooker hood market in Europe and Turkey . Thanks to that foresight, in such a short period, the company has obtained a significant market share in all export markets, particularly in European and Middle Eastern countries, under OEM business. Our production plant has settled in a 3000 m2 building area including the boutique production line, design, R&D, sales and management departments.

All of the products of GRI BINA obtain the necessary certifications for different markets. We are proud of GRİ BİNA cooker hoods pass all the tests with success, which are demanded by.

As we GRİ BİNA, our quality undestanding is based on consumer satisfaction. In order to achieve that goal, we improve ourself day by day. Our priority is to never compromising on quality while offering the best products and reliable service to our clients.

We build up the quality process on increasing the value addition of given service accordingly developing technology and not only being a follower of new trends but also being at the creative side of those trends. Therefore, we keep on INVESTING and improving our products and services.